How Farmers Can Improve Equipment Safety and Efficiency

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Different equipment allows farmers to complete their tasks in no time. One gets to take care of their crops better. They get to increase productivity compared to doing all operations by hand. This is why many farmers invest in high-tech farm equipment they can use on their land.

Just because you have top-of-the-line machines in your farm doesn’t mean that you can be careless. According to the CDC, farmers are at high risk of injuries. A considerable number of these are related to equipment malfunction. How can one avoid equipment-related injuries on farms? Here are some things worth knowing:

Invest in lighting

Some farmers tend to work overtime while using their machines. This is why it pays to invest in mini light bars, which can warn other workers where working equipment is being used. Know that farmworkers can legally use such lighting on farm equipment. This is as long as you only use it on your property. You can take advantage of mini light bars as long as you follow usage restrictions implied by your state.

Use your manuals

Each equipment comes with a user manual with crucial information. Make sure to read and understand the manual before usage. Also, keep your manuals where you can find them. In case you need more information on your machines, you’ll have a reliable source you can use.

Train your workers

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Do not let a new farmworker use your stuff without training them first. Take note that machines can cause injuries if you fail to operate them the right way. Tell workers to avoid horseplay and never practice stunt driving. As for the other workers, teach them always to be aware of their surroundings to prevent accidents.

Maintain your equipment regularly

Always check the machine for any sign of wear, tear, damage, or malfunction. Regular inspection can help you determine if maintenance or repair is in order. If you think that your tractor requires repair, make sure to tackle the maintenance asap.

Be mindful when driving farm equipment

Speed matters when using farm equipment. Make sure to enforce a strict speed when driving your machines. This is especially true when turning the device. Tell workers to be mindful of holes and ditches. Let them take extra precautions when using tractors to avoid overturns and rollovers.

Other precautionary pointers

Let your workers know how to dress appropriately when operating any farm equipment. Remind them to rest first if they are feeling sleepy, tired, or unwell. Never allow anyone who consumed alcohol to operate any machine. Also, always maintain awareness. Keep any animal or children away from your farm equipment. One can never tell when accidents can happen. Children and animals might find themselves in grave danger if you let them wander into your working area.

Accidents can happen in any workplace. If you wish to avoid injuries and fatalities on your farm, make sure to bear this list in mind. It can help you avoid untoward incidents and improve efficiency. It can also reduce the risks associated with operating farm equipment.

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