Keeping Custody: What to Do and Not Do for Child Custody

Chid custody is a major issue that divorce proceedings resolve. Usually, this is done out of court. But it is possible that you and your ex disagree on shared custody or the details of it. This means the court will intervene in the child’s interest to deal with the issue. This is usually done through a custody evaluation and a court decision.

If you want the case to end in your favor, here are some things to keep in mind:

Listen to Your Lawyer

When hiring a divorce lawyer in Suffolk County and other areas and you have children, one of the things you should ask is the lawyer’s experience with custody cases. They can be a big help during the negotiation for an out-of-court deal, but they really shine when it comes to custody evaluations.

The key is to always ask for their advice and to listen to that advice when it comes to custody. They know what they are talking about and they will be happy to offer you their full expertise.

Work with the Process

Custody evaluations are all about what is best for the child. Fighting against it makes it look like you do not have your children’s best interests in mind. That is why it is better to cooperate and work with the process rather than fight it. This may mean working and cooperating with your ex.

If your divorce is acrimonious, you will need to grin and bear it. There are cases where parents lose custody for their being uncooperative and you do not want that to happen to you.

Never Forget Your Rights

Parental rights are there for you to use. Not using them may indicate an unwillingness to be a parent and you do not want to give the evaluators this idea. Know and exercise these rights regularly so that you do not lose them. Spend time with your kids even if it is just doing homework.

Be Ready with Documentation and Evidence

The court will want to look at everything that involves the child. But they will go beyond observation. They will want evidence of any negative claims, such as a negative home environment or bad behavior. If you have evidence of this against your ex, then you need to make it solid proof.

Don’t Be Manipulative

Child custody

Some parents try to manipulate the process. They either do this by trying to influence their children or the evaluators. This is not a good strategy and will only put you in a bad light. Be honest and forthcoming as possible to show that you have nothing to hide.

Keep Your Nose Clean

Criminal records and bad behavior will keep you from gaining custody rights. Try to avoid arrests while also restraining any wild behavior. This ensures that you’ll leave a positive impression on your evaluator.

When you file for a divorce, it is unavoidable that your family breaks up. No parent wants to lose their child, so you and your ex need to work it out properly. The tips above should help ensure that you have a good chance of obtaining custody rights or retaining full custody during the evaluation process.

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