Remarkable Trends in Science and Technology

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Scientific development never ceases to amaze us. From medical discoveries that have prolonged our lives and made us stronger and healthier than ever before to technology in transportation and communications, it is the driving force behind human success.

Having said that, here are four remarkable science and technology trends today.

Unlimited Potential

Why is it that when two similar individuals are facing the same challenge, only one of them can overcome it? In high-pressure sporting events like the Olympic Games, mixed martial arts championship fights, or the Super Bowl, why do some supremely talented and prepared men and women fail?

You will find different answers to these and other related questions based on whom you ask. Yet, most will tell you that it starts with having the power to control your emotions and mind. If you can do it, there is virtually limitless potential to what you can achieve both physically and in learning.

Understanding this reality, many people are now working hand in hand with expert life coaches. These are individuals who will help you maximize your abilities and nourish your confidence and train you on the best, most methodical, most effective ways to realize your goals.

Some people say we only use 10% of our brains. If we’ve done so much with so little, can you imagine what we could accomplish with just a bit more?

Nuanced Perception

At the end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the most successful installment in the Terminator franchise, the T-800 cyborg finally understands why people cry. At the movie’s beginning, this machine knows that people have emotions as this concept has been entered into its database. Nevertheless, even though its central processing unit is an incredibly advanced microchip, it sees human feelings as nothing more than biological reactions to specific events. It’s like a baby crying when hungry or a marathon runner celebrating after winning a gold medal.

So far, the advent and development of artificial intelligence have brought innumerable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing needs. From medical procedures to company operations and business management, it continues to be an essential factor for the betterment of our lives. The next logical step is incorporating complex emotions like empathy and the feeling of longing. As crazy as it may sound, we are not far from getting there.


The New Frontier

Ever since the United States and the former Soviet Union engaged in the race to space and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, people worldwide have been wondering what life on other planets would be like. And while we can still not live on Mars, Jupiter, or any other planet, the progress made in the past few decades has been exceptional. This process has been accelerated by environmental issues like global warming, the depletion of the earth’s natural resources, and the pollution of our oceans.

Today, people like Elon Musk of Tesla or Jeff Bezos of Amazon invest billions of dollars in space research programs and rocket ships that will literally take us to where no man has ever been before. In collaboration with NASA, JAXA, and other government space agencies, it may soon be time to pack our bags, sell our unnecessary belongings, and get ready to go.

Taking What is Useful

A tapetum lucidum is a reflective layer found behind the retina of a lion’s eyes. If you are wondering what on God’s green earth this is, well, it is night vision, albeit the natural way. It allows the king of the jungle to see close to 10 times better than human beings after the sun sets and hunts its prey with precision and efficacy. A whale uses sonar or low-frequency sounds to communicate with others more than 10,000 miles (ca. 16,093 km) away.

For human beings, night vision and sonar are tools usually used for military purposes. Examples include night infiltration missions for US Seals and fighter jets that can access enemy territory undetected by radars.

Still, in the 21st century, people continue to learn from nature and the animals found in our many ecosystems. One can only wonder what kind of scientific developments will happen next.

We have taken a look at four interesting science and technology trends today. The first is maximizing human potential through your mind. Secondly is AI that can understand and relate to human feelings. The third is the ever-evolving search for a new home. Finally, it’s about learning as much as we can from our furry friends.

As we develop the mechanisms to gather more information, we will continue to improve as a species and take full advantage of the many tools we have at our disposal.

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