Sowing Creativity in Students Leads to Success

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Part of the job of teachers and parents is to inspire children to reach and maximise their potential. Homes should be a space that’s conducive to learning. Children should be allowed to ask questions. Parents must do their best to satisfy the curiosity of their kids. In schools, teachers must find ways to capture their students’ attention and hold it for the duration of a class.

These are challenging roles to fill, but it is possible with the use of free learning activities by Student Treasures. These activities are designed to facilitate and encourage learning at different stages and capacities. Students can enjoy doing these activities with the rest of the class or by themselves.

Aside from providing activities that encourage knowledge-building, teachers must also do these things:

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Teachers must spend enough time with the children to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Although children are born with almost unlimited potential, some find it harder to excel in Mathematics, for example. Some have difficulties in languages. Identifying these weaknesses will allow the teachers to design activities that are tailor-fit for the children’s capacities.

Provide a Conducive Learning Environment

If you have children with special needs in your class, make sure that they feel part of the group even with their limited capacities. Those who have a hard time socialising should feel that it’s okay to be shy around their classmates. However, you also need to encourage them to speak up and join group activities. Some students have a hard time in school because of problems at home. Let them know that they can come to you. They’ll be happier in your classroom if they know that you have their backs.

Set Realistic Goals

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When teaching how to read, for example, set a goal for your students. An example of a realistic goal is knowing how to read a three-letter word by the time the school year ends. That’s not too hard during kindergarten because that’s what this grade should achieve. Setting goals will allow your students to analyse where they are and where they would like to be.

Encourage Them to Try

Your role as a teacher does not end in the classroom. There are other activities that your students should try. Encourage them to try their hands at sports, arts, or music. Make yourself their personal cheerleader. Take time to watch them try out for sports or audition for a school musical. They should feel that you are always supporting their dreams and cheering for their achievements.

Allow Them to Make Mistakes

No matter how motivated, children are going to make silly mistakes. Don’t punish them for it. Rather, explain to them why they failed at what they did. What was it that they did wrong? How can they improve the next time they try? Always encourage them to try harder and better. If they set their minds to something, they can achieve it through hard work and dedication.

Children are like canvasses. They absorb what you pour into them. If you sow encouragement, hope, and belief in themselves, they will realise their full potential. As a teacher, you hold a very critical role in the development of these in children.

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