The New Normal’s Best Freelance Jobs

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Working as a freelancer can give you countless benefits, including having flexible work hours, working remotely, and earning extra income. According to projections based on current trends, an estimated 67.6 million people living in the U.S. will be working freelance jobs before 2021 ends. By 2027, 86.5 million people will be working as freelancers by 2027 in the United States. If this trend continues – that is 50.9% of the entire American workforce.

Another benefit of working as a freelancer is the opportunity to work for several companies to increase your income. So, if you’re currently looking to earn more to save up for your goals and plans, you have plenty of options that could match your skills. Some of the most popular freelance jobs include working as a virtual assistant, programmer, software developer, social media marketing assistant, video editor, transcriber, technical writer, and more.

Freelance Jobs You Should Be Looking Into

Although there are a few disadvantages to working freelance, like the lack of regular and stable income and benefits, there is less stress when you can work on your own time and also have the opportunity to earn more if you want to. So, here are some freelance jobs you should consider if you want to make more income:

  • English Teacher

Recently there has been a massive increase in demand for online English teachers as non-English speakers realize it could give them a better chance at landing decent jobs. As the pandemic halted the progress of some students’ in-person classes, online English teaching became more popular. Whether you’re a native or a non-native English-speaking teacher, you have a chance to earn an average salary of $20 per hour. This rate is achievable, especially if you have a bachelor’s degree, experience in teaching, and teaching certificates.

One of the advantages of teaching English, besides the salary, is the chance to help a new generation of learners become better learners so they can achieve their true potentials. It can be a rewarding experience that could also allow you to travel while doing it or live in a different country for an extended time.

  • Writer

Everyone can get their hands on writing as there are different writing jobs available for a freelance position. You can be a creative writer, copywriter, SEO writer, and more. When it comes to the salary, the average you can earn usually ranges from $38 to $40. Having a related degree and work experience can allow you to negotiate for a higher wage, of course.

Writing might be difficult at first if you have no experience in the kind of writing you’re doing, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to enjoy it. Sometimes, you find some deadlines to be strict, but it could give you the accountability you need when working as a freelance writer. The researching process could also help you learn about a wide variety of topics you wouldn’t usually read about. Overall, it is a gratifying job.

  • Translator

If you happen to speak more than one language, you could also consider working as a translator. Of course, some contents of websites, books, advertisements, and other media need to be translated for audiences from other countries who don’t speak the original language they were made in. It’s not as easy as using Google Translate when you’re translating content from one language to another; it needs skills and a deep understanding of both languages. If you feel like you have that skill, you should give translating a try.

  • Web Developer

Coders and programmers are in demand since many businesses have turned to digital marketing to increase the online presence of their products and services. And they need someone highly qualified and skilled to help with that.

There are many kinds of web developer positions you can look into; the so-called front-end developers convert codes into graphic interfaces. The back-end developers are the ones who handle scripting architecture building, databases, and more. It’s not an easy job, which is why the average salary for web developers can be $35 per hour.

Website developers would also maintain the websites they have created since they are familiar with the technical aspects. They could earn extra income when they get tasked to create content for these sites. Working as a developer opens so many opportunities for you.

Free As A Freelancer

Although working as a freelancer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not working for anybody, there are still people high up in the company you’re answering to. But it can feel like you are your own boss most of the time.

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