Traditional Promotional Materials to Boost Your Place in the Market

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New promotional channels, like social media and SEO, are reliable mediums for boosting your position in the marketplace. However, traditional advertising tricks in the form of physical items are still dependable. Combine your social media presence and continuous promotions using traditional mediums. With this, you can market your product even more, whether through an online or brick-and-mortar venture.

When marketing your brand, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent online presence. But it would help if you have something you can give clients or provide them with an experience to make shopping more convenient. With promotional products, you allow your clients to be part of your marketing strategies.

By using conventional marketing strategies, you broaden your reach and continue catering to the older members of your clientele. Although it’s unusual to revert to traditional mediums, they’re still effective and can enhance your place in the field. To upgrade your strategies, you can start with the ones below.

QR Codes

QR codes are a part of modern marketing tools. In the past, their other form — bar codes — are primarily used for inventory purposes. But presently, it’s a way for businesses to make their customers’ shopping experience easier. With this tool, you can embed your link in your various advertising materials. It can lead your clients to your website containing your different product offerings.


Compared to physical stores, managing kiosks are a more cost-friendly way of branching out. Even though kiosks are temporary, they help shine the spotlight on your products. It can be a challenge to entice clients to enter your business and look at your items. But with kiosks stationed in front or ways from your store, you can market and bring your products directly to them.

Free Samples

Receiving a free sample of something is a delight, no matter the item. It’s also a brilliant marketing technique, even though your business is responsible for the extra labor of giving products out. Free samples can come in small packages, which is clever since it gives the impression of exclusivity and limitedness.

Once your potential consumers run out of what you distributed, the possibility of them purchasing your products becomes higher. With improved chances of making sales, you can take comfort that the money you shelled out for giving free items will come back in profit.


Your name and signage are things that your patrons will think about when your products come to mind. Your products are more significant to your brand image, but you can also exert effort in designing your signage.

Besides going for an appealing design, you should aim for clarity to make your sign readable even from afar. Your signage can have the same design as your logo. By doing this, customers can connect your physical shop to their items, which they may have purchased online.

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Having a uniform creates a sense of connection between a business and its employees, but that isn’t their only purpose. Aside from giving your staff a cohesive look, they are also moving advertisements to catch people’s eyes even on the streets.

Besides your employees, you can also use your target market to promote your products. For instance, during special occasions, like product launches or business anniversaries, you can get customized shirts. These can come from services that use heat transfer vinyl and contain your logo and messaging. You can then distribute them to customers and partner businesses.

Calling Cards

Calling cards help you exude a more professional feel, making them crucial in business. Business cards are easier to hand out than getting information from other individuals, especially during social gatherings.

With calling cards, you must design them in a way that focuses on you and your companies contact information. It should include the phone number, email, and company address. To utilize every available space, you can also use its back part to list some of your products and services.

Press Kits

The press plays a huge part in marketing your brand. Since the media has a broader reach, it’s the leverage you can use. Apart from forming partnerships with media companies, giving out press kits can help in your promotions. During your product launch, some products in the kit must include a press release about your brand, sample products, and other freebies.

Print Ads

Digital media is the leading marketing tool used by established and novice businesses. Still, some individuals do not have constant exposure to socials, much less digital ads. To ensure that you can promote to clientele members, you can use print ads. You can have them placed on locations that have heavy foot traffic.

Traditional doesn’t have to mean outdated or dull. In the case of marketing, they worked in the past, which means they can still work today. Know what you can use to your advantage.

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