Weekend DIY Projects to Test Your Skills


• Building a shed in your backyard is a challenging and rewarding DIY project that requires time, patience, and the right materials.

• Having a shed in your backyard can offer extra storage space, keep your yard clutter-free, and even increase your home’s value. 

• Refinishing furniture is a classic DIY project that gives old pieces new life with fresh coats of stain or paint.

• Giving yourself a weekend DIY project can help you explore new skills and ideas while giving you a sense of accomplishment. 

DIY projects are a great way to challenge your skills and learn something new. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking for a project that will take up your Saturday or if you’re an experienced handyman who wants to put their knowledge to the test, there are plenty of weekend DIY projects that can help you do just that. Here’s a look at some of the best projects out there that will test your skill level and give you a sense of accomplishment when finished.

Building a Shed in Your Backyard

Building a shed in your backyard is one of the best ways to challenge yourself. This is no small feat and requires time and patience, but it can be done easily with the right tools and materials (or even kits).

The nice thing about building a shed is that it’s one of those projects that looks difficult but isn’t as long as you have all the right information ahead of time. You also don’t need any experience with carpentry, so this would make for a great beginner’s project. If this is the first time you’re building one, here are the basic steps on how to build a shed:

  1. Prepare the Site: Choose a level, dry area of your backyard and mark out the dimensions for your shed.
  2. Build the Floor Frame: Cut and assemble 2×6 floor joists on pressure-treated beams with galvanized nails.
  3. Install Floor Sheeting: Nail down ¾” plywood with galvanized nails.
  4. Build the Wall Frame: Cut and assemble 2×4 wall studs on top of the floor frame. Nail walls together with galvanized nails.
  5. Install Siding: Attach siding to the walls using screws or nails, depending on your siding material.
  6. Install the Roof: Attach roof trusses to the wall frame and cover with the roofing material of your choice.
  7. Finish Up: Add additional finishing touches, such as a paint job or staining, and enjoy your finished shed!

Benefits of Having a Shed

Having a shed in your backyard has many benefits. It gives you extra storage space and keeps your yard clutter-free. This also means that any garden tools or outdoor items can be stored away from sight rather than occupying valuable space in your home.

It is also a good place to store dangerous chemicals in or around your home, such as fertilizers and pesticides. A shed also increases your home’s value and adds aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

A nice looking, new backyard shed surrounded by plants

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing furniture is worth considering if you want something that will test your skills. This classic DIY project has been around for years. It involves stripping off old paint or varnish from furniture pieces before sanding them down and applying fresh coats of stain or paint. Refinishing furniture can be tricky because certain pieces may require special techniques depending on how they were originally constructed. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Refinish Your Dresser

Bring new life to your bedroom with a freshly refinished dresser. Start by stripping off the old paint and sanding down the surface before staining it with a fresh coat of color that fits in with your decor. Add design elements like stencils or decals to the drawers for an extra touch.

Transform an Old Chair

Throwing out old furniture can be a waste, so why not give it new life by refinishing it? Start by stripping off the old paint and varnish with a chemical stripper. If it has any cracks or chips, you may need to fill them in with wood filler. Once the piece is smooth and even again, sand it down before applying fresh coats of stain and paint. You can use this piece in different rooms or even in the garden.

A man repainting an old chair

Rehab an Antique Dresser

Give a tired-looking dresser a new lease on life by refinishing it. Start by stripping off the old varnish and sanding the surface with a sander before applying fresh paint or stain. Once it is finished, you’ll have a beautiful piece that looked just purchased from an antique store. You also have a choice to transform this into a new piece of furniture, such as a desk or console table.

Giving yourself a weekend DIY project can be a great way to challenge your skill level and learn something new. You only need the right tools and materials, a plan, and patience. Once it’s finished, you can look back with pride at what you’ve accomplished. You may even find your skills can be used to gain extra income.

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