The Digital World: Companies and Their Positive Image

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A company strives to have a positive public image because it builds credibility and it establishes customer loyalty. No customer would purchase from a company that has a questionable reputation and is always involved in issues. Now with everything on the internet, it’s easier to dig up dirt on companies who have had issues in the past. Information can quickly spread like wildfire. Any negative news about a company can affect its reputation. So, why is it really important for companies to have a positive public image?

Helps Establish Customer Loyalty or Retention

As previously mentioned, no customer would want to buy from a company that has a questionable reputation. A credible company will attract customers and retain them. What makes you credible is the story you tell to your customers and your values. Customers want to patronize something that they can relate to. Once you start attracting customers, you have to remember that it’s not guaranteed that they will come back in the future. You have to constantly think of creative ways to retain them.

Helps Encourage a Positive Behaviour of the Employees

Suppose the company has a set of values and goals that target the emotions of the buyers. In that case, the company should encourage its employees to display acceptable behaviour at all times. You might have seen several trending videos wherein a problematic person is an employee of Company X.

Once the public gets a hold of where they work, the public will urge that company to fire said person. The company proceeds to fire them because it’s a bad reflection of their company. The point here is that the company’s employees should be the model of their values.

On a similar note, influencers who do not reflect the company’s values have their ties severed as well. They don’t want their products or services associated with the influencer who’s currently involved in a serious issue. Companies have to maintain a positive brand image at all times to attract and keep customers. If you need help with this, you can seek a company that provides public relations services.

How Do You Improve Your Brand Image?

Establish a Positive Company Culture

A positive company culture makes it a place that everyone wants to work in. For example, Google provides employee trips and benefits, a gym, financial bonuses, and free meals. These are some benefits they offer their employees. A positive company culture increases your employee’s productivity—it’s the feeling that they are valued and comfortable in the place that they work. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company too.

Tell Your Company’s Story

All companies have humble beginnings that can inspire everyone. Share your company’s story to your audience whenever you can. Your story is where they can relate to you and where you can tug their emotions as well. For example, Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, failed numerous times before becoming successful with the company. This will inspire the audience to see how much perseverance, patience, and resilience it takes to build the company to what it is today.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

Your company will eventually make mistakes no matter how careful you are with your actions. It’s just the way it is. It will become publicized, and the effect on the public won’t be good. What you can do is own up to your mistakes by providing an official statement to the public. It should include an apology, an acknowledgment of the said mistake, a promise that it won’t happen again, and a remedy to the mistake. The public will be quick to consider and understand if you own up to your mistakes instead of sweeping them under the rug.

Companies will always strive to have a positive public image because their profit depends on it. If their image is perceived positively, then they can attract and retain customers. Because truth be told, supporting a company that has been involved with countless issues leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

As the owner of the company, you have to be well-attuned to your customers’ needs and the issues that surround us today. One comment or statement can affect their perception of you, and that perception might never be erased no matter how much you make up for it. You have to be sensitive toward your customers’ needs and do everything for their satisfaction.

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