Decorating Your Office: Some Great Ideas


One responsibility you have as a business owner is to do some office decorating. It may not seem important, but great decor can improve your employee’s mood and impress visitors. As the boss, you should take steps to put your stamp on the office decorations. Nowadays, it is much easier to do it without leaving the office. For example, you can order an indoor doormat online.
To get the best results, here are some ideas on what to do:

Start With a Color Scheme That Relaxes You

Before you buy anything, you should start with the foundation of your office: the colors. Choose a relaxing color and use that as the basis of your entire decorating scheme. The basic white is so boring and can be harsh. You want something relaxing like light gray or blue. The great thing about this simple paint job is how cheap it is to implement. Just hire a painter and buy them a few buckets of the right paint. They can do it all in a weekend.

Work With Proper Lighting

Another essential thing to do when decorating is to work on the lights. People need to see things, and without the right lighting, your office is going to look bad. There are two sources of lighting that you can use. The preferred source is natural light. If it is possible, you should choose to have larger windows installed, along with skylights. This allows for more natural light to come in. Try not to obstruct it with anything, either. Depending on the location of your office, you might have to install blinds to stop harsher light from coming in, but that is not often.
Besides natural light, you should have some artificial lighting. This is for when your office doesn’t have access to natural light. Choose the brightest lights possible so that your employees will be able to see what they are doing.

Have Clear Partitions

Your office needs to have specific areas, and you need to differentiate them from each other. This allows your people to categorize things better. Having a clear spot for personal work and group work can be a good thing. You can set-up these areas in various ways. The simplest is to put up some walls. Dividers can also work if you still want to see your entire office. But this is not always the best choice since you might have limited space. One good option is to use color-coordinated rugs or carpeting. Mark out a particular area with a rug, and you can divide other places in your office.

eco-friendly office

Go Green

Another thing that you can do is to add more green to your office. They bring nature to your place of work and can be very relaxing. If you have wide windows, you should position some plants near them so that natural light would shine on them. Water them every day and you will have some natural decor. Besides the large plants, you have two other choices. You can have small plant pots on each desk, while wall plants can dominate a blank wall.

Think About Art

It can be interesting when you throw in some art into the mix. There is a lot of modern art out there that you can use to decorate your office. If modern styles are not to your taste, you can choose more traditional paintings. You don’t even have to get originals. People can buy canvas prints of various photos and artwork. If you like a particular piece, you can go online and usually order from the artist. You can even specify the size and dimensions of the print that you want. The important thing is that the piece should reflect what you want in the company. If you want to be vibrant and creative, then choose artwork that will inspire that.

Unique Furniture Choices

Another thing that you can do is to choose some unique furniture pieces. These are for special places in your office. For example, you want a nice-looking coffee table for your reception area. Chose a piece that can start a conversation or makes you impressive. A great-looking desk for your office can make you more imposing and authoritative. Pair it with some comfortable chairs, and you should be able to greet your guests in style.
Office decor may seem unimportant, but it is what your employees see every day. It is also what your visitors first notice when they arrive. Make the right choices, and your decor can be more than just eye-candy.

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