How to Keep Your Work Environment Productive


Workspaces, ironically, are not the most motivating of spaces sometimes. Productivity, creativity, and even peace of mind can be at an all-time low when your work environment is not conducive to positivity. Now that our new normal is making us seriously reconsider our attitude towards work, it’s genuinely time to transform where you work from draining to inspiring. Here are a few simple but highly effective changes you can adopt:

Keep everything uncluttered and accessible.

It’s long been said that a messy space makes for an untidy mind. Keeping your area tidy and in order means that you are less prone to fall for distractions. Even if you don’t intend it to happen, if your surroundings are messy, you’re more likely to have your mind wander. Storing your items neatly in easy to find places, also makes completing tasks quicker since less rummaging means less time wasted.

Consider a more open concept for your space. Using long span racking systems and labeled drawers also helps to keep things neat without needing to hide things away.

Include art and plants.

Even in the most strait-laced and corporate settings, the working mind needs to take a breather. Plants are a wonderfully inexpensive way to add a calming touch to any space. By bringing nature inside, you are cutting the monotony of the room.

Adding some art can also incorporate energy into an otherwise bland environment. If you can’t afford branded art, even a beautiful piece found in a thrift store or online can liven up the place. Plants that are ideal for workspaces are those that can thrive with less sun and aren’t too delicate, either. If you have a pantry, maybe you can even have a little potted herb garden.

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Make sure natural light is available.

Sunlight is a precious light source that our body craves. Aside from giving essential Vitamin D, it can also increase serotonin in the brain, which positively affects your mood. In a dull and dreary workspace, having dim lighting can make you feel sluggish.

So as much as possible, make sure that you can have natural light streaming in. Think about rearranging your setup so that any windows are seamlessly incorporated into the area rather than worked around. In the long run, this can even save you on energy costs. If you have limited space or lighting options, then opt for yellow light rather than harsh white or blue light. Warmer light can mimic the look of sunlight better than anything else, which in a pinch can do.

Balance management and autonomy

Good work relies on great teamwork, and that all lies in the hands of excellent management. However, there is a fine (but often tricky) line between being on top of things and simply micro-managing. Instead of nitpicking over every detail, encourage a line of communication between members to address any issues and concerns. That way, once things are ironed out, the team can work more effectively with less supervision and need for correction.

Whether you work in an office or you work from home, keeping that environment thought-fully setup is the best investment into a more sustainable future.

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