Invest in These Top Tools to Safely Deal with Winter

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Winter brings with it certain inconveniences and dangers, which is why homeowners must accomplish certain preparedness measures to stay safe throughout the season.

Aside from regular snow management either DIY-style or by hiring a local snow removal expert, it’s also critical to invest in some basic winter safety tools to address different snow problems at once. You have to remember that your snow management company may not always come to your rescue so it’s vital to have the essential tools with you to avoid dangerous situations. As one survival instructor once said: it’s better to have the tool and not need it than to need it and not have it.

With that, here are the best winter safety tools that you must invest in soon:

Easy-on cleats

Walking over snow and ice can be quite laborious and dangerous since the threat of accidental slip and fall is always there. You can do the wise thing and simply purchase easy-on cleats that will allow you to safely and conveniently tread icy paths towards and out of your property. These great winter safety products not only cost cheap (around $20 for a pair), they are also very easy to use: just strap them onto your sneakers, winter boots, or any footwear and you can walk on ice and snow like they’re a paved surface.

Tire chains

If you’re driving on ice- or snow-covered roads and your vehicle isn’t fitted with snow tires, your chances of sliding off the road and ending up in a ditch is way too high for your safety. Why risk the chances of getting an accident when you can reach for your wallet and buy tire chains (also called snow chains) to make your tires winter-proof? There are specialty snow tires that you can buy with slip-on features, so you can fit them on your tires and drive in a few minutes. Some snow tires are also versatile enough to fit trucks, SUVs, and regular cars — perfect for those with multiple vehicle types in their garage or parking area.

Download and use winter forecast apps and websites

On many occasions, knowing beforehand just how bad the weather’s going to get is all that you need to know how to prepare for the worst-case scenario. You can have such foresight by downloading and using winter forecast mobile apps and websites such as and These weather forecasting tools include critical information on potential snowfall amount, winter weather, storm severity index, and snow coverage. By knowing what the weather will behave in the next few days, you can take proactive steps to stock up on food supplies and accomplish some preparedness tasks.

Snow shovels, roof rakes, ice scrapers, and de-icing solutions

These simple hand tools and ice management supplies can and will go a long way in making your premises secure against dangerous snow and ice situations. They are pretty inexpensive and easy to source and use so you won’t have to worry about how to include them in your winter arsenal.

Cordless snowblower

When your hand tools can’t do the job of clearing snow in your yard, then that’s the time when you must call in the big guns, so to speak. And for such a demanding job, a cordless snow blower is the perfect tool to invest in. There are some nice cordless snowblowers with great features such as battery-powered, lightweight, and compact build for easy storage, and up to 35 feet of snow throwing capability. The idea of clearing your lawn of snow in just a few minutes is a welcome thought, especially when the weather outside is unforgiving.

Pipe insulation materials


Your pipes could freeze and even burst in the winter and lead to unpleasant domestic problems such as lack of hot water. Get rid of any possibilities of pipe-related problems by putting on pipe heating cables and wraps to prevent the pipes from freezing or bursting. These insulation materials help regulate pipe temperatures and keep their optimum condition intact throughout the winter months. They’re pretty inexpensive, easy to install, and highly effective so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in them soon.

Portable power station

A massive power outage could occur particularly on pretty nasty winter days. Don’t let yourself without lights and emergency power on as it could make your life not just uncomfortable but dangerous as well. You should, therefore, invest in a portable power station, preferably with solar charging features and USB/AC outlets to power up your electronic devices and lights. With this great tool, you won’t have to wander inside your home at night and risk getting injured by tripping or falling.

These winter safety tools are essentially non-negotiable items that you must invest in to stay safe and comfortable even in the nastiest winter situations.

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