Fostering a Hobby: The Love for Plants amid a Health Crisis

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COVID-19 has brought tension to a lot of people. Health and safety were sources of huge concerns. In effect, they become anxious about their surroundings. A lot of people preferred to stay at home.

In this case, people began to recognize various hobbies. They have found comfort in different activities at home. One of them is growing plants in a garden. But, some things have to take place before you can succeed in this hobby.

Garden Requirements

During this period, they found comfort in their gardens. Plants relieved the stress that COVID-19 caused. Aside from that, it offered countless health benefits as well. It does not only bring good effects to humans, but also the environment.

However, starting a garden is not as simple as that. It also requires planning to achieve the best results. Here’s how you can do your planting right:

  1. Environment: It is the first thing you have to check if you plan to build a garden. You have to confirm if the soil is good enough to grow plants. Aside from that, it is vital to know if there are no harmful chemicals in it. It can help to do soil testing, such as radon testing services on websites such as Other tests might be necessary to check if your garden has good soil to grow plants in.
  2. Plants: You also have to choose the plants you will grow in your garden, including their size and shape. If you have a small area at home, then you have to select small plants. Moreover, you have to think of the future sizes of the plants. An example of that is trees. They’ll need more space until the point that they mature.
  3. Shade: Proper amount of shade is also vital. If the climate in your area is too warm, the plants need to have enough amount of shade. It will help keep them fresh and free from heat stress. On the other hand, you can look forward to gaining shades after planting trees. Their total growth can let you enjoy it in the future.
  4. Flowering: If you planted flowers, you need to know that they also have their season. Flowers in summer will not do well in other seasons. But then again, the flowers in full bloom can enhance the look of your garden. A plant calendar can guide you about the best periods to plant these types.
  5. Maintenance: Having your garden means you have to maintain it. It is best to know how much sun or water your plants need. Aside from that, you also have to see if you need to use fertilizers for your plants. You also have to remove other unwanted plants like weeds.
  6. Plants’ health: Plants are prone to parasites and diseases. For this reason, you have to know information on how to keep them healthy. You can use natural garden pest controls. On the other hand, you can choose plants with a higher resistance if you don’t want to experience these plant health issues.

Growing plants is not simple. You also have to gain knowledge about their needs. Some plants can grow with only water and sunshine, but others may not. These factors are vital if you are a garden lover.

assorted succulents

Benefits of Gardening

Growing plants can return favors on you. You can gain the following benefits from planting:

  • You will have a space in your home where you can experience nature.
  • Gardening can benefit your mental health, cognitive function, and emotions.
  • It is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. In effect, you can prevent depression.
  • Moreover, it can increase your satisfaction and quality of life.
  • Gardens also help in recovering from any illness by merely looking at it.
  • It can even boost your mood and make you happy.
  • If you have a green thumb, you can enjoy the fruit of your hard work by seeing your plants grow.

The benefits of gardening do not only apply to yourself. The whole family can gain from this hobby. For this reason, it is a wise choice to foster this hobby.

The pandemic may have troubled everyone, but researchers are doing their best to control it. One of the solutions is the vaccine they have developed. Vaccines are the fruits of their studies to reduce the adverse effects of the virus. However, it is still necessary to be careful. As of the moment, the vaccines are not yet available for everyone. Some age groups cannot receive it. So, safety measures have to remain intact.

Overall, having a garden at home can relieve stress from this pandemic. A greener view can relax the mind from all these worries.

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