Prepared for Parenthood: Signs That You’re Ready to Adopt

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The Adoption Option

Adoption is the perfect solution for hopeful couples that struggle to have their little bundle of joy due to infertility, or for individuals who are ready to be a parent but haven’t found the right partner to have a child with. Whatever your situation is, the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re considering the option of adopting a child, which is already a good sign as it is. However, there’s more to the decision of adopting a child than just ‘wanting’ it.

Those who wish to adopt a child need to as ‘ready’ as they are willing. But what exactly does it mean for one to be ‘ready’? To answer that question, we’ll be taking a look at certain signs that show that you (and your partner, if any) are ready for adoption and, subsequently, parenthood:

#1 You’ve Decided Together

If you’re adopting as a couple, the willingness and readiness should be shared by both individuals. Not only that, but you and your partner should see eye to eye when it comes to your adoption plans and preference. Both of you should agree on the mode of adoption (domestically, or through a foster care system), the age of the child you wish to adopt (a baby or an older kid), including the age and race of the child, and also if it’s an open adoption (wherein the adoptive family and the adopted child has to contact with the birth family/parent of the child).

There’s also the possibility that one of you haven’t fully accepted infertility and still wish to keep trying. It can be quite a conundrum if one party is ready to adopt, but the other isn’t, so you both need to work it out and come into an agreement before you decide to adopt and never force your partner into agreeing with you.

#2 You’re Capable of Loving A Child That Isn’t Biologically Yours

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Some couples and individuals get too enamored with the thought of raising a child of their own that they sometimes forget to ask if they’re still able to do so even when they know that the child isn’t biologically theirs. Give yourself some time to think and reflect. Before you finally decide to apply for adopting, there should be no doubt in mind left.

#3 You’re Financially and Emotionally Ready

To say that raising a child is expensive is a huge understatement. You’ll need to have your finances in order; that is to say, you have a stable income flow to cover all the expenses that come with parenthood such as food, healthcare, clothing, education, and so on. Not only that, but you also need to be emotionally prepared for all the stress that comes with raising a child, which is why even if you’re adopting a solo parent, you still need to have a strong and reliable support system. Lastly, you should make sure that your home (whether you own it or you’re renting) should be ready to welcome your child as well.

#4 You’re Financially and Emotionally Ready Part 2: The Adoption Process

The entire process of adoption is no cakewalk either — depending on your adoption plans, it can be expensive and stressful, which somehow gives you a taste of how costly and stressful parenthood could be, too. As such, you’ll also need to have your funds and your nerves ready for the adoption process. It would be best for you to get help from your local family lawyer in Denver, CO, that specializes in adoption, as well, to help take off some of the load and also to minimize the risk of having your adoption petition rejected.


While the willingness and desire to adopt and become a parent play a huge role when deciding to adopt a child, readiness is arguably just as important, if not more, as it can affect your chances of being qualified for adoption, and more so the future of your adopted child.

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